Sunday, 27 October 2013

Hello ! Today I'll show you my favorite bloggers ( in no particulair order ) I've been reading most of these blogs for quite a while, and they are just amazing. Everytime they update I just get so excited because I've got something new to read. I hope you all will have an amazing sunday, were you just can relax and do whatever you want ( which I can't because I have to work :( ) And if you got any suggestions for some other blogs, leave a comment below!
lots of love, Demi

" Views of Now is the personal style diary of 16-year-old schoolgirl Isabella, a fashion addict who changes her mind as often as her outfits."
Isabella suprises me every time, because her outfit can go from boyfriend jeans to cute dresses, and she rocks it all! If you haven't seen her blog yet, you should definitely check it out - HERE

Kenza is one of swedens biggest blogs ( or should I say, biggest blog!?) She's such a beautiful woman and has an amazing blog. She also has her own clothing line called 'IvyRevel' which sells amazing stuff. You can visit her blog HERE
 "fashion is my biggest lust, music sets me free, inspiration makes me dream and travelling keeps me alive"
I have been following Mariana from Fashion Envious for such a long time, like I can literally still remember her old urls and I just love her blog so much. It's amazing to see how much her blog has grown since she just started it. She inspires me a lot, because she makes nice pictures and the theme of the pictures always match with her outfits. And she writes incredibly good. Check her blog out HERE

If you don't know Zoella then I really wonder where you've been your whole life. Because if you don't know as a blogger then you know her as a youtuber. But I just lover her so much, her make-up always looks flawless. Visit her blog HERE

Marieke from weilwegenundso makes such a beautiful pictures! I wish I was able to do that. She doesn't update that often but when she does she does it good. Check out her blog here

I haven't been following Jules for such a long time actually. But I do have known her for quite a long time because of her pictures on Tumblr. And I have to say that I love her style, plus her hair always looks amazing. You can check this fashionista's blog out here 

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  1. omg thanks so much! You made my weekend! Wow thank you so much, this was so so sweet! x


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